Backlink service backlinks are back!

July 15, 2021 0 Comments

Google has announced that it has taken backlinks off backlinks on its website.

The change, which was announced on Friday, comes as part of its ongoing push to improve the quality of links on the search giant’s site.

Backlinks are links that appear in search results, and Google has long been accused of ranking search results against their own backlinks to encourage people to click on links.

Google is now making it clear that it no longer considers backlinks an indicator of quality.

Google said in a blog post that it’s changing the way it considers backlink quality, and that the change is part of a “long-term commitment to improving backlink reliability and trust”.

Google says it’s also removing links from its top rankings and from its home page that are linked to sites that aren’t on Google.

Google says that backlinks that appear on other sites will be treated as trusted links.

“As a result, links on Google will appear in rankings for a greater range of sites, and will appear more frequently on Google search results,” the company said.

Google previously changed the way that it looked at backlinks when it changed the ranking algorithm on its search results.

Now, the search engine giant is removing links that aren

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