A hospital in Northern California that was the scene of the deadliest coronavirus pandemic yet is reopening its doors after finding its patients had been infected with a virus that can kill.

In San Diego, the San Diego County Health Department announced Friday that a unit at the San Gabriel Valley Health Care Center in the city’s east was closed on Friday to accommodate a patient who had been hospitalized in the weeks after the virus was first detected.

The patient had been diagnosed with a severe case of COVID.

The hospital is not the first to reopen after the coronaviruses outbreak, which killed nearly 4,000 people and caused the deaths of another more than 2,000.

The hospital in the small California city of Redding reopened on Monday after receiving a letter from the hospital where the patient was admitted.

The Redding hospital also said that it would open its doors to about 2,500 patients who had previously been in the hospital.

Officials said Friday that patients had tested positive for COVID at the hospital and were being cared for.

They said the hospital was still awaiting data on the virus, which they say may be spread through contact with infected patients.

The health department did not release the name of the patient.

Health officials said Friday it was too early to know how many patients were hospitalized or how many were receiving care.

They said the health department would be monitoring the patient’s temperature, respiratory rate, pulse and breathing rate.

Officials said the patient had tested negative for the coronovirus, which is the virus that caused the coronavevirus epidemic that began in early-January.

San Diego has been hit hard by the outbreak, with at least 4,700 cases of coronaviral infections and about 2.3 million deaths.

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