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A new cryptocurrency, which is based on the blockchain technology, is gaining traction and is trading at a valuation of $10,500, according to CoinDesk.

It is the first cryptocurrency to hit that mark.

The digital currency is being traded at an average price of $11,735 per coin and is one of the highest priced cryptocurrencies at the moment.

The latest news comes as the blockchain platform, which has seen some positive developments in recent months, saw its price surge by more than $1,200 in the last 24 hours.

The platform has seen several major updates since it was launched last year and now trades at an estimated $8,400.

The currency is traded on Bitstamp, one of Bitcoin’s largest exchanges.

CoinDesk is not affiliated with the cryptocurrency and does not endorse any of its trading platforms.

The blockchain-based digital currency that is based upon the blockchain is being sold as a solution for blockchain startups that need a solution to handle their financial needs.

It has the potential to become a major platform for decentralized applications that are not necessarily tied to any one blockchain.

The most popular blockchain-related coin is Ethereum, which recently made headlines when it surged by more then $5,000 in the next 24 hours following the company’s announcement that it had raised $1.2 billion in a Series B round.

Ethereum, along with Bitcoin, have seen a lot of popularity and are seen as the backbone of the new blockchain revolution.

The cryptocurrency’s price surge came in the wake of a $7 billion fund raised in a crowdfunding campaign on the platform.

Ethereum has recently been expanding its operations in the cryptocurrency space and has added additional features to the platform, such as smart contracts, which will allow the platform to execute its smart contracts.

Ethereum’s price is still significantly lower than the cryptocurrency’s peak on May 16, when it traded at $10.3 billion.

The biggest gains came in late July, when Ethereum gained more than 100 percent, and it was able to achieve its highest price ever.

The Ethereum network, which operates at a decentralized level, is the basis of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

However, the blockchain, which makes up 99 percent of the total cryptocurrency market cap, is decentralized, meaning that it is decentralized in the sense that no entity controls the network or any of the tokens.

The current value of the cryptocurrency, on average, is $4,852.21.

This is in line with a recent report from the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index, which showed that Bitcoin’s market capitalization was $1 trillion.

The next major cryptocurrency, Ethereum Classic, is currently trading at an even lower valuation of about $4.75 per coin.

It recently launched a new platform to allow for decentralized transactions and was priced at $4 per coin, according a CoinDesk article.

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