Fiverr has $1 billion in sales, and $100 million in earnings

A new service that allows people to sell products for $1 or less has raised $1.7 billion in the first nine months of 2017, according to financial data firm Fiverrs valuation.

The company’s valuation was released Monday.

Fiverrnrs is a peer-to-peer marketplace where people can sell products from websites or apps for $0.99, with the seller’s PayPal account linked to their own account.

Fivers also has a marketplace that allows users to make payments on items with PayPal or Venmo, but the marketplace’s features have yet to be fully developed.

The new service, called Fiverro, is now the most successful of any Fiver network, Fiverracor says in a news release.

FIVERR SAVINGS: Fiverros largest profit ever?

The company reported a $1 million profit last year, and said it generated $100.6 million in revenue last year.

Fiverr saw its revenue double in 2017 to $1,664 million, and saw $935 million in sales.

The company says it has about 1.2 million active users, but estimates that the actual number of users is closer to 500,000.

The news release does not say how much Fiverrus earnings were from selling services to people on Fiverras platform.

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