How a Trump campaign worker is making a career out of breaking news

Nairobi, Kenya — The days of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign have been over.

And so it was with a sense of relief that a few weeks ago, my wife and I found ourselves enjoying a trip to Nairoburi, Kenya’s capital city.

It was an interesting, but not surprising, visit, as it coincided with the release of our book, The Politics of Reality.

Our book, published in May, was the first book to explore how Trumpism has affected the lives of African Americans.

The book’s author, Nando Gebre, was a Trump supporter during the 2016 presidential campaign, but now he is disillusioned with his candidate.

In a phone interview from Nairoba, Kenya, he said his goal is to expose how Trump’s racist rhetoric and policy have affected the country’s African Americans and other marginalized groups.

“The reason I decided to write The Politics Of Reality is to make a real change in the African American community,” Gebrem said.

“Trump has made it clear that he is not going to change the reality in Africa.

He is not interested in solving the problem.”

Trump, who was born in Queens, New York, but is now in Kenya, has long been a divisive figure in the United States.

He has often been accused of racism, sexism and xenophobia.

But for many African Americans, it has been particularly hard to understand why he was elected as president.

Gebrey said he is concerned that his book may have a negative impact on Trump’s chances in Kenya.

“I feel like we have been a part of the story, but we have not really seen it,” he said.

Trump has repeatedly called himself a businessman, and has said he wants to create jobs and create economic opportunities for African Americans in America.

In 2016, he proposed a plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to curb illegal immigration, and promised to make it harder for African American voters to cast ballots.

But Trump has also said he plans to work with African nations to improve economic opportunities.

A recent poll showed that 69 percent of African American women and 71 percent of black African Americans supported Trump.

The president has also advocated for mass deportations, which he has called a “bigotry” and a “disaster.”

But many African American leaders are not convinced that his policies are working.

“My feeling is that if the country can’t trust Trump, it’s not going for the wall,” said Gebry, who lives in Nairoda.

“We have been in Africa for decades and not a single thing has changed for us.”

African Americans make up about 15 percent of the U.”s population, and African Americans are almost three times more likely than whites to be unemployed, according to a recent report by the African Center for Research on Equity at Columbia University.

African Americans were also less likely to have college degrees and to have a high school diploma, and are more likely to live in poverty.

The United States is one of only two countries in the world that does not have a single-payer health care system, according the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

“African Americans are getting better jobs, but they have been pushed to the margins, and there is still a lot of inequality.” “

A lot of the stuff that the African Americans have been hearing is not true,” he added.

“African Americans are getting better jobs, but they have been pushed to the margins, and there is still a lot of inequality.”

He said the most effective way to change African Americans’ economic situation is for African governments to step up.

“What we need is for countries to step forward and say, ‘We want to make sure that we create a lot more opportunities for people who are African Americans,” he explained.

“You need to give people the opportunity to be employed and have access to quality education, health care, affordable housing, better infrastructure and so forth.”

A recent U.N. report estimated that one in three people in Kenya lives below the poverty line.

African-American families in Kenya have seen a dramatic decline in living standards in recent years.

In the U., black men make 77 cents for every dollar that a white man makes, according a 2017 report by The Center for Economic and Policy Research.

According to Gebrer, his own family is in dire straits.

“If I had to give him one thing, I would tell him, ‘You have no choice, but to make this your life.

You have to keep going,'” he said, adding that it was a lesson that he and his family had been struggling with all along.

“It’s been a struggle for me to put up with this for my whole life,” Gbrem said, “but now I can tell you that the world is going to save my life.”

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