How to avoid a ‘disaster’ of a similar magnitude in 2016

The worst thing you can do is ignore the fact that your favorite team is currently in the playoffs and that the entire sport is facing its worst postseason in decades.

It’s easy to forget how bad it was last year.

Here are some things you can still do to help.


Make sure your team is on the field The best way to avoid that disaster is to be prepared.

When you hear about how the Raiders are in the NFC championship game, you want to be ready to be there.

But, even if you’re rooting for a team that doesn’t even make the playoffs, you should still be prepared for a nightmare scenario.

And don’t wait until the very last minute to do that.

A bad team should have no problem beating the best team in the NFL on their home field.

And even if they’re losing, that’s a good thing because that’s when you’re likely to get to enjoy the game.

If your team isn’t on the pitch, you might be in a worse situation than your opponent.

You can do the math.

For example, if the Raiders have a lead early in the fourth quarter, they’re going to need the defense to hold the fort.

If they have a loss early in overtime, the defense is going to have to hold it together for a few more possessions.

So, even though the Raiders might win or lose, it might not be worth your while to be on the sidelines.


Watch for the best of the rest This is something we’ve talked about before, but it bears repeating.

The best team will probably have the best quarterback, but a good team will have the most talented players on both sides of the ball.

But that doesn´t mean you should be playing them all year long.

If you know that you are playing one of the best teams, it will help you to know which teams you should avoid.

If there is a team in your division that you can trust to win a division title, it’s going to help you a lot to watch the other teams.


Know when to leave a game The last thing you want is to have a game where you don’t feel like the game is over and then have to start all over again.

So make sure you’re not in a situation where you feel like your team has won or lost.

This means making sure you have a plan of attack for the game, whether it’s for the rest of the season, or just in the off-season.

It also means taking a break from the game in the middle of the fourth or fifth quarter.


Know what to watch for When you see a team make an improbable run in the standings, you’re going on the hunt for the next game.

Injuries, a good defense, a big comeback are some of the big reasons why you might not get excited for the first few weeks of the playoffs.

But the other reason to be excited for your team and the way it is playing might be the biggest: The quality of the opponent.

So when a team is having a great year, it doesn’t mean that they’re not facing adversity.

The worst team in league history might have a great defense, but the best offense is going be facing an injury problem.

That team could be able to turn things around quickly, but if they don’t have enough offensive weapons to make it happen, you may be seeing a season that ends in disappointment.


Keep an eye on the big picture The worst season in NFL history doesn’t just have to be about the loss of a coach.

It has to be a big part of what happens in the next season.

The good news is that the NFL has taken care of that for us by providing a lot of information about what will happen in the coming seasons.

The bad news is we don’t know if that information will help us or hinder us.

If a team’s record was good last year, the good news could be that they are going to make a lot more money this year than they did last year if they can improve the way they play.

But if they were terrible, it would be even more surprising if they won more games than they lost.

The only way to know for sure is to take a look at the standings.

And, just like that, you know whether you should continue to watch football or not.

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