How to spot spammer bots in the Nigerian market

July 21, 2021 0 Comments

If you want to find out what the Nigerian government is doing to fight spam and malicious botnet activity, look no further than the government’s Nigerian spamfighting bot, which is widely known as Seo.

The Nigerian government, in fact, uses Seo for this very purpose.

As we reported earlier, the government has created a botnet of over a million domains to monitor spam.

And as we detailed in May, Seo was able to monitor more than 6 million domains during its six-month operation, according to a report from the Nigerian cybersecurity firm Sophos.

Sometime this month, the Nigerian National Anti-Spam Authority will release its spam report, which includes details of the activities of the country’s spamfighting bots.

The report will also contain a list of spam bots that the government is looking to catch.

The spam botnet is a bit of a headache for the Nigerian authorities, as it’s impossible to tell exactly how many spam bots are running in the country.

But it does help the government figure out where it can best combat spam in the future.

The report includes the following statistics:The report does include a breakdown of the number of domains used by spam bots, but the data is only a fraction of the total.

It also does not include any details about the spam bots’ actual domains.

In the past, the number used by botnets varied based on their specific botnet.

In fact, the report shows that spam bots use a mix of bots, including a variety of spam domains, and a handful of domains that are mostly spam, like, and

The botnet used to be known as “Nigeria-DumpBot.”

It’s not clear how much of a difference the botnet makes to the overall botnet size, as some domains might still be using spam bots while others aren’t.

Still, the botnets are still very difficult to detect.

The National Anti‐Spam Agency is also looking to expand the number that can be used by its botnet to over 100 million, according the report.

The use of bots is a trend that’s seen in other countries around the world, but in Nigeria, the spam bot is an important tool that can help authorities detect and block spam from spreading.

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