How to spot the real estate scam in California

California’s housing market is on the verge of a massive correction as home prices and home sales have fallen dramatically.

The state’s housing bubble is now about to burst, according to new research from S&P Capital IQ.

California’s housing bust began in late 2013 when the state’s population swelled by nearly 1 million people.

The number of people moving to the state to live and work fell sharply as housing prices collapsed.

The state’s median home price has plummeted by more than $400,000 since last summer.

California’s largest cities, Los Angeles and San Francisco, have also experienced massive declines in home prices.

Now, many Californians are seeing their home values plummet, especially in the South Bay.

The region’s median sales price fell by nearly $250,000 last year, according an analysis by S&

The median price in the Golden State has dropped more than 20% since last spring, according a report by real estate analytics firm Zillow.

Many of these homes are in areas with significant concentrations of low-income renters.

The California economy has taken a hit, with a record-low unemployment rate of 5.6%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In July, the state recorded its lowest jobless rate in more than a decade.

In January, California’s unemployment rate fell to 7.8%.

According to Zillows, California has also been hit hard by the recession.

In May, California experienced its worst monthly jobless rates in 20 years.

In September, it fell below 7%.

California’s economic slowdown has had a significant impact on the cost of housing, as home sales and rents have dropped dramatically.

In 2016, the median price of a single-family home in California was $1,842, a 27% decline from the year before.

And the median sale price in California fell by $936, a 30% drop from the same month a year ago.

Zillow reported that the average price of single-story homes has declined by an average of 21% since the housing crash.

And it reported that median sale prices in California have dropped by an additional 21%.

The housing market has become so toxic that some investors are buying homes they cannot afford.

The San Francisco Bay Area’s median price fell more than 27% last year to $1.5 million.

In the Sacramento region, the city’s median house price fell 21% to $821,000.

In the South and Midwest, California is seeing a lot of displacement, particularly as residents move from high-cost areas like Los Angeles to more affordable parts of the state.

The South Bay, where the region is home to many tech giants, saw a whopping 27% increase in median home prices in the past year.

That is a stark contrast to the Northeast, where prices were down by only 6% over the same period.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported last month that the region’s housing prices are “at their highest level in more a century.”

It also reported that many local banks are closing their doors and that the city has lost more than 4,000 jobs in the last few years.

According to a Zillower analysis, home prices have dropped in the San Francisco area by more, or slightly, than any other region.

The average price fell 27% in the Bay Area in the six months ending in April.

In San Francisco alone, there were 1,542 single-house sales in the first six months of 2016, a 34% drop over the previous year.

In Los Angeles, there was a similar 34% decline.

In addition to home prices, Zillowing also reported the median home value in the region fell by about $2,500 last year.

It dropped by $1 million in Los Angeles County.

The region has seen its median income decrease by more in the previous six months than in the year prior.

The county had a median income of $72,000 in the fourth quarter of 2015, according Zillowitz.

That was up 23% from the third quarter of 2016.

In contrast, the San Bernardino region had a $70,000 median income last year and an income of just $37,000 that same quarter.

According the S&amping report, California remains the most expensive state to own a home in the nation.

Zillowers said the median cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the state was $2.27 million in July.

The price of the median one- and two-bedroom rental in the area is $3.39 million.

The cost of an average-sized one-bed condo in the county was $4.21 million last year according to Zilow.

The prices of single family homes in the counties were up 23%.

According the report, the price of housing in California has dropped by nearly 21% in less than a year, the worst in more 20 years and

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