Newcastle court approves new ‘safe seo’ service for homeless

Newcastle Court has approved a new “safe seopment” service to help homeless people access legal services.

Key points:The new service will be available in the Central Business District, north of NewcastleCity Councils executive committeeThe service will cost $20 a day and be accessible to anyone who can afford to payThe service is expected to be rolled out over the next six monthsThe Central Business Court heard the new service is designed to provide access to the services of legal aid for the homeless.

The service, which will be accessible in the CBD, will be free and open to anyone with a valid legal aid certificate.

The services will be paid for out of the city councils budget.

The Central Board of Police and the North Shore District Council are to work closely with the service provider, SafeSeo, to provide the service to the people who can’t afford legal assistance.

Councils executive chairperson Michelle O’Sullivan said the service was needed to help the citys homeless population.

“The services available to people in the city centre are very limited, so this service will provide a more accessible and affordable alternative to traditional courts,” she said.

She said the council was committed to working with SafeSeop to ensure that it was available for the people it was meant to serve.

Councillor Nicky Thompson said the services were essential for the survival of the community.

“This service will enable us to help people to access the legal services that are provided by the court system,” she told 720 ABC Newcastle.

In a statement, Ms O’Shaughnessy said the new services would provide “a safer and more secure place to go to”.

“SafeSeo will be a safe place to live, work and socialise.

It will also provide a safe environment for the many people who use this area for support and self-help,” she added.

Read more about homelessness and legal services:

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