Peterborough police officer charged with sexual assault of a child in South Yorkshire

June 20, 2021 0 Comments

Police have charged a Peterborough officer with sexual offences against a child.

Police say they arrested 29-year-old Joseph Pecoraro in connection with a January 2016 incident in South Riding of Yorkshire, in which he sexually assaulted a child while a child under 16 was present.

Police allege Pecorear was working in the force at the time.

A charge of sexual assault against a person under 16 years of age is not new.

Police have previously charged Pecoro with child neglect.

The charges were not immediately returned to CBC News.

In a news release issued Thursday, Peterborough Police Chief Jim Tovey said police were notified of the allegations by the family of a young boy.

Toveys said that when the child became aware of the alleged offences, he contacted police and requested a warrant for his arrest.

Pecorio was remanded in custody pending a hearing, according to Toveyt.

Police were not releasing details of the incident or Pecores arrest record.

Tvey said that he is saddened by the allegations against Pecoryar, and that he plans to provide support for the victim and the family.

Tivey said in a news conference on Thursday that Pecoring’s behaviour was unacceptable.

He said he has worked with the victim, who was 14 at the date of the offence, for over three years and that the allegations were made by the victim’s parents.

Tavey said Pecoros actions did not reflect well on the police force.

“It was a very serious matter,” Toveya said.

“This is something that I think the community has come to know very well.

This was a situation where it was an issue of trust and respect.

It was something that went too far.”

The boy was identified as a 14-year old boy who has been in hospital since his arrest and will likely remain there for a number of days.

The family of the victim says Pecorporo should have been arrested sooner.

“I think the police should have done more,” said the victim.

“He was a good police officer.

Police say that while Pecori has no criminal history, there are concerns about how the investigation is being handled. “

They should have arrested him earlier.”

Police say that while Pecori has no criminal history, there are concerns about how the investigation is being handled.

“There is an ongoing investigation into the allegations made against him,” Taveys said.

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