What to expect at CES 2017: CES 2017 – CES 2017 coverage

We’ll be live from the Show Center, where the world’s most powerful companies unveil new products and services, and we’ll be taking a look at what you’ll be able to experience at the show this year.

In addition, we’ll also be bringing you the latest CES news and interviews with industry leaders and innovators.

The CES 2017 Expo and Show Center is a major event, so we’ll have a live blog of all the happenings this week.

But before we get to that, let’s get straight to the CES 2017 news.


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 will be the biggest and best of the year for CES, and it’s expected to draw a record-breaking audience of nearly 13 million people, according to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

In addition to the record-setting crowds, CES is expected to have a strong showing in terms of sales.

The average ticket price for the 2017 event was $1,619, according the Association.

CES 2017 has been a long time coming, and last year the CES saw a lot of excitement and excitement.

It is widely known that many of the major tech companies were interested in attending CES, as it has become one of the biggest event in the industry.

This year, it’s the first year that the CES will be held in a hotel.

The new Marriott Marquis Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, will be home to the show, and the new hotel is expected have more than 15,000 hotel rooms for the show.

It will also host a large number of entertainment and event spaces, including the famous CES Hall of Fame, which is expected for the first time to be open to the public.

The Marriott Marquise Hotel will also be home of the new CES Hall, which will be an immersive, virtual reality (VR) experience.

Other exhibitors are expected to include Microsoft, Lenovo, and Asus.


The big brands will be in attendance, and there are plans to host a number of panels and events.

For example, Lenovo will hold its CES keynote on February 10, the first day of the show in January.

Microsoft will hold their CES keynote at the same time as CES 2017.

Acer will hold a special keynote on the first floor of the Marriott Marquises on February 12, and LG will hold an event on the second floor of a new tower, the Omni Tower.

Other major companies are expected at various other panels and meetings as well.

There will be plenty of entertainment, including keynote speeches from Google, Apple, Facebook, and Intel, and more.

Google is also expected to hold a Google+ Hangout with some of the company’s employees on February 9, and Apple will hold talks with employees from its hardware division on February 7.

Intel is also planning to hold its Intel Developer Forum on February 1 and 2 at the Marriott Hotel.

Google’s conference with employees will be livestreamed on Google+.


There is a number to look forward to at CES.

Most of the big tech companies are planning to present products and/or services that will be available to the general public in the show floor.

Samsung is already working on a new product, and Lenovo will launch its new smart home technology, the SmartThings Hub, on March 15.

Amazon is also looking to expand its ecosystem to include more connected devices, like Alexa and HomeKit.

Dell is expected the first to announce its latest products.

Microsoft has been working on new Surface devices and accessories, and will be presenting its Surface Studio 2, the latest version of its Surface Pro tablet, at CES this year, as well as its Surface Book.

Apple is expected in the room, and rumors suggest that it is planning a big announcement with the release of the iPhone X. LG will unveil its upcoming flagship device, the G6, at a keynote on March 11.

The next big announcements will be expected at other major tech conferences.

In the United States, Apple will unveil the iPhone 7 on March 17.

Samsung will be showing off a new display technology at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, on February 24.

LG is expected at its own show on February 25.

HTC is also set to unveil its new smartphone at a presentation at CES on March 8.

Dell will hold another event at its new headquarters in New York City on March 14.

Microsoft is expected on February 18.

Amazon will hold yet another event on February 23.


The tech giants are also expected at many events.

Google, Intel, Apple and Microsoft will be participating in CES, with Intel showing off its latest chips at CES in January and Microsoft at CES, a conference on mobile devices in January, in February.

Asus will also participate in CES in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and in the Middle East.

Samsung and Dell will be attending the Mobile World Forum in Barcelona in February, while Microsoft will host an event in Hong Kong

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