When a ghost town is your new home

A ghost town in southern California may have turned into a playground for people who have been shunned by their families and communities.

The site was once a popular amusement park but its popularity has dwindled in recent years due to its lack of recreational facilities.

It was sold for redevelopment and a new park was built in 2015, but the park’s future is uncertain because of a lack of funding for a new facility.

The ghost town, which was once called Coney Island, is located on the Santa Monica Pier in the Los Angeles suburb of Burbank.

The former park closed in 2015 because of the city’s aging infrastructure.

A new amusement park has been proposed for the site, but a public meeting to discuss the plans has been canceled.

A group called Burbank Residents Against the Haunted City, or BHAC, filed a lawsuit last year seeking a restraining order to keep the ghost town closed.

The group alleges the ghost park was closed because of financial issues.

The lawsuit says the property was bought in 2007 for $250,000, and it was then used for the amusement park.

The owners of the amusement center have not been identified.

The park’s owners have not commented on the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also says the ghost house is a blight on the property and has caused damage to surrounding property.

The group also says it is a public nuisance and could force the owners to leave.

The plaintiffs want the ghost city closed and the owners of Coney’s Island to be held responsible for the damages to the surrounding property, according to the lawsuit filed by Burbank resident Michael Zweig.

Zweig says he was born and raised in the neighborhood.

He said he grew up in a stable home and the neighborhood was “always friendly” but was not welcoming to new people.

Zwig said he was scared when he first went to the ghost-filled park.

He and other residents who live on the site say the ghost has been a frequent sight.

Zweiig and other neighbors said they did not know the owners.

He has been living on the neighborhood since 2005 and he said he does not feel welcome.

“I’m still scared.

I’m scared that someone will come to my house and beat me up,” Zweiig said.

“It’s been a real, real problem.”

Burbank residents filed the lawsuit in March.

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