Which of the 9 candidates is right for the election?

A few weeks ago, the Sydney Morning Herald ran an article on the prospects of Australian politicians running for election in 2017.

The paper claimed that “Australians have been in a state of shock since the death of the Liberal Party leader, Malcolm Turnbull, and the shock is spreading to the nation’s political parties”.

The article was based on a poll conducted by the polling firm Ipsos, which found that “more than one in four Australians have been shocked by the events in the country over the last 12 months”, and that “a majority of Australians want a fresh start”.

The paper also reported that “Australia’s political system has gone through major changes in the past 12 months, with the Greens coming to power at the federal level, the Labor Party now holding two seats in Parliament and the Liberal party falling from power in the lower house”.

The same day, the ABC ran a piece about the political climate in Australia, claiming that “the election of the next prime minister will be a watershed moment in Australian politics”.

The ABC’s news editor, Paul Fletcher, was quoted as saying that “what this election will mean is that there will be two big changes, two very different, very dramatic changes in politics in Australia”.

The story continued to report that “there will be very strong opposition in the Liberal-National coalition, the Greens will hold power in a majority government in the Senate and the Labor party will be in power in two seats”.

In fact, the article was not even about the election itself, but about how the Liberal government was going to change things.

This was because Fletcher was referring to a report by an independent parliamentary watchdog, the Auditor-General.

The report was based mainly on an interview with former Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus, which was published in The Australian in February.

The auditor-general told the report that the Liberal “government has lost control of its legislative agenda, and its policy choices have been a disappointment to the public”.

In an interview on ABC Radio National on November 17, 2017, Dreyfaus said that “one of the biggest problems we have in our system is we don’t have a coherent system of government.

We have too many different layers of government.”

Dreyfenus continued to say that “we have a very dysfunctional and dysfunctional system of politics and government”.

The Auditor-general’s report also reported on the “lack of coordination between government and opposition”, and the “tremendous cost to the taxpayers”.

The Australian reported on November 25 that the Auditor General had “unanimously recommended the immediate removal of the current Attorney-Generals office”.

The report recommended “the creation of a new, independent office to oversee and regulate the federal political system”.

The Liberal Party had previously been criticised for being “out of touch” with the public, but in this report the Auditor Generals report did not make any reference to the party’s public relations department.

This prompted the Liberal candidate for NSW Assembly, Matt Thistlethwaite, to launch a petition calling for the removal of “the Abbott Government from the NSW Assembly”.

Thistletwaite said that the Liberals “have been in power for just over four years and have consistently failed to provide any meaningful accountability for their actions and their actions have cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars”.

The petition, which garnered over 100,000 signatures, argued that “people should have confidence that a fresh election is on the way”.

“This is not the time for the Abbott Government to run a fresh campaign,” the petition said.

The Abbott Government did not respond to the petition.

The ABC, however, did publish an article about the results of the election in which it quoted an unnamed member of the Prime Minister’s Office as saying “we need a new prime minister to restore trust”.

The Prime Minister, who is not a party politician, was also quoted as having said that, “the Australian people have been very disappointed with our track record”.

The prime minister’s office was not the only government department to issue a statement about the poll.

Labor’s public affairs spokesperson, Kate Ellis, was asked by a journalist whether the government had “saved money by doing so” and “in fact they have not.”

“The government has not saved any money in terms of taxpayer’s money.

It has saved millions of taxpayers’ money in the process of being able to get this election done,” she said.

Ellis also said that Labor had “put forward a credible alternative” for the Australian people.

She was later asked if Labor would “look at the issues that have been raised about the Liberal and National parties”, and whether she would “make a statement on it”.

The transcript of the interview was published on the ABC’s website on December 2.

It was unclear if Ellis was referring in fact to the government’s performance or just to the media outlet’s use of her words.

The transcript also did not identify the media source of the information.

 The ABC reported that the Coalition was “shocked

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